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Andrew Solomon: International Ambassador

photograph Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

photograph Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

It is with great pleasure and honour that we inform you that Andrew Solomon has accepted to be international ambassador of Heroes, Victims & Villains.

Andrew Solomon is an influential writer on politics, culture and psychology who lives in New York and London. He is an original and daring thinker who uses his personal experience to address vulnerable populations and neglected issues. He finds the words that enable us to face those delicate issues in a humane and constructive manner.

For his book Far From The Tree, A new York Times bestseller, he received the National Book Critics Circle Award for non-fiction. The book is about dealing with differences, specifically about children who are different from the families they come from—for example because they have handicaps, are prodigies, or are transgender.

Solomon has said: ‘The norm can be tyrannical. But science indicates that diversity is what makes a society stronger, just as it does a culture or species. Diversity is what actually leaves people best adapted to pursue the things they need to pursue in life.’

The goal of the programme Heroes, Victims & Villains is to further and stimulate media producers to better reflect the richness of soicety in their work, Solomon endorses this idea, and quotes the writer and activist Emily Perl Kingsley, whose son has Down syndrome, who said, ‘ I turn on the television. All of a sudden, there’s nobody who looks like me. Everybody is so perfect! I had vanished. I cried for five days nonstop.’

His books have been translated in Dutch and are published by Uitgeverij Nieuw Amsterdam.,


Far From The Tree
Noonday Demons

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